The thiobacillus cultures use sulfides, including H2S, as the energy source for their metabolism. The bacteria reduce sulfide compounds to elemental sulfur. The inorganic material in Formula 115 provides an alternative electron acceptor for bacteria to use in place of sulfate in anoxic wastewater environments, Without this material, sulfur reducing bacteria would biologically degrade sulfate to sulfide, H2S, and other odorous compounds. The product is used to reduce toxicity caused by sulfides or for use in odor-reducing programs. Formula 115 will work in low pH and low oxygen environments.



  • Product: Dormant bacterial cultures and enzymes.
  • Form: A dry, free-flowing powder.
  • Color: Beige to light brown.
  • Specific Gravity: 0.70 – 0.73
  • Storage: Store product in a dry place between 10º-40º C. If product becomes wet, it must be used immediately. Do not freeze.


Product may be added directly to sewer lines, wet wells, lift stations, aeration tank, lagoon, or oxidation ditch.

Operating Conditions

  • pH 6.0-8.5
  • Temp. 10ºC – 45ºC
  • OPO4 2 mg/L minimum
  • NH3N 2 mg/L minimum

Do not use in environments where high levels of toxic metals such as zinc, chrome, mercury, are known to exist.


Product is available in 25 lb. plastic pails or 100 lb. fiber drums. Product may be packaged in 1 lb. water-soluble packs for an additional charge.

Private label distributors welcome.


Persons allergic to dust should employ nose and mouth protection when handling this product. In the event of direct contact with the eyes or skin, flush the affected area with water.