How does the advanced BioGenerator technology work and why is it so unique?


The BioGenerator is most effective biological growing & dispensing technology available today.

  • The BioGenerator is an innovative and automated system for growing and applying bacteria that can degrade a wide range of organic matter present in wastewater streams
  • The patented system is the result of 8+ years of research by NCH R&D staff
  • Today there are over 3,000 machines in service all over the world

BioGenerator Engineering

  • Programmable Operation
    The BioGenerator growth cycle can be programmed to fit your operations
  • Standard connections
    Unit connects to a standard hose bib & 110V electrical outlet
  • No Maintenance
    We  maintain the unit.  Set it and forget it
  • Battery backup
    Battery maintains unit’s settings during power outages
  • Proven Reliability
    The BioGenerator’s reliability has been proven with over 100 million logged hours
  • Back-flow prevention
    Meets standard plumbing code to insure biologicals do not enter the fresh water supply
  • Compact Size
    The BioGenerator easily mounts in space constricted locations
  • Overflow protection
    Unit will automatically shut-off if leakage occurs

Why is the BioGenerator so unique and effective?

The BioGenerator unique, balance of microbiology & advanced engineering

The BioGenerator produces high levels of sustainable, naturally occurring, bacteria everyday.

The Microbiology: the Advantages of Free-Flow

The BioGenerator uses a consortium of 5 sustainable, naturally occurring bacteria

  • Two strains of Pseudomonas were chosen because they aggressively degrade BOD and hydrocarbons.
  • Strains of bacillus were chosen because they can work in higher temperatures and are facultative.
  • Certified as BioPreferred by the US Department of Agriculture and is 94% bio-based.
  • All strains are Class I bacteria and guaranteed to be free of Salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria and other harmful bacteria.
  • The tablets contain the starter culture and all the nutrients required to grow and survive for 24 hours

Active vs. Dormant bacteria

The BioGenerator discharges ACTIVE bacteria that begin feeding the instant they enter the wastewater stream

  • Traditional biological products can require 4-6 hours for the bacteria to come out of their dormant state

In short Hydraulic Retention time systems,  traditional bacterial treatments can get flushed through the system before they even become active

The power of exponential growth

The BioGenerator’s 24-hour growth cycle allows bacteria to replicate in an ideal growing environment before entering the wastewater stream

One BioGenerator dispenses 31 trillion active bacteria daily. That is equivalent to 17-25 pounds of dry bacteria everyday.