The chemical processing industry experiences a variety of complications with managing  effective wastewater treatment.  Batch processes of inorganic and organic chemicals  creates loading variations.  Also there is a broad variety of materials that are both easy and resistant to biological oxidation. Potential applications are as follows:
  • Biological Start-up
  • WWTP Energy Management – reduce electric KWH aeration usage
  • Improve digester activity rates and Biogas production
  • Enhance Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) – Nitrification and Denitrification
  • Biologically manage foam production
  • Expand the wastewater treatment plant capacity – increase TOC, COD, BOD, TSS removal efficiency
  • Specific organic removal improvement
  • Reduce effluent toxicity
  • Seasonal Wastewater Treatment Plant optimization (improving both hot and cold water efficiency)
  • Reseeding after a biological upset
  • Optimize operating costs assoicated with defoamer and polymer usage

Please reference the following succussfully applied products and technologies Chemical Processing WWTP applications: