Eliminating or managing odor throughout a wastewater treatment collection system and wastewater treatment plant is both an operational and a safety responsibility.  Odor causing agents such as hydrogen sulfide, organic acids and mercaptans can be found and generated in wastewater treatment collection systems, lifts stations, wet wells, holding lagoons/ponds, primary and secondary clarifiers and thickeners.  Many of the chemical products which are applied to manage odor either mask the odor, thereby not providing a solution, or have  handling hazards attached to their use.  Our products work on two levels in the aqueous stage, first we biochemically shutdown down odor generation and secondly, we biologically removal the odor causing agents that are present so they can not be expressed into the air.  We work with our clients to develop the most practical and cost effective odor control program available.

Please reference the following products for managing odor problems: