Filamentous Bulking Control – Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

SUBJECT: Scum amd filamentous bulking control Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
PRODUCT: Formula 45 – bacterial/enzyme blend
SYSTEM OVERVIEW: 8.0 MGD flow -> Bar screens-> Grit Chambers->
Primary Clarifiers->Conventional Activated Sludge System
Secondary clarifiers

  • Four equal aeration basins, total 4.1 MG
  • MLSS(ave.) = 1,500 mg/l
TREATMENT OBJECTIVE: Reduce Nocardia spp. induced aeration basins foaming. Reduce/control biomass bulking created from the filamentous bacteria (Nocardia spp.).
TREATMENT PROGRAM: Formula 45 was applied to the activated sludge system as follows:

  • Day 1 = 50 lbs./day
  • Days 2 – 11 = 20 lbs./day
  • Days 12 – 60 = 5.0 lbs./day
RESULTS: The foam was completely eliminated during the program without the aid of a defoamer. The SVI decreased from 150 to below 100 within the first 14-days of the application and held without the need to utilize chlorine.