Monmouth BioProducts Inc., formed in 1998, is an environmental firm that produces and services the application of specialized bacteria, fungi and enzyme blends,  a discipline otherwise known as Biomass Engineering. We offer bioaugmentation products to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly, “green“ products.

The bioaugmentation products  and technologies that we manufacter are used for industrial wastewater (Pulp & Paper industry, Petroleum Refining, Chemical Processing, Petrochemical Processing, Food Processing, Beverage manufacturing, Textile industry, Steel and Coal Chemicals, Tanning Industry, Automotive Industry, Landfill Leachate, etc.) municipal wastewater treatment, soil remediation, groundwater remediation, aqua culture, agriculture and composting operations as well as other more specialized applications. Our mission is to continue pioneering the design and application of innovative, specialty microbes, enzymes and related technologies to safely reclaim contaminated wastewater, water and land.

In biological wastewater treatment plants our specialized bioaugmentation cultures work in conjunction with the existing indigenous bacteria to optimize treatment performance and reduce toxicty, TOC, BOD, COD, TSS,  nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfide.

We also provide products that restore nitrification (aerobic ammonia removal), denitrification and products that biologically remove fat, oil and grease (FOG) build-up.   Our service capabilities include, on-site and off site technical service, including biomass microscopic evaluations, treatability studies, system mass balaance, wastewater treatment plant process troubleshooting and various laboratory services.

Our products are available for purchase through direct purchase and strategic distribution partnerships.