Monmouth BioProducts Inc., the brainchild of Sean Duddy, was formed in 1998.  Until the formation of Monmouth BioProducts, Sean spent eleven years employed by one of the world’s leading providers of specialty microbes. A firm who’s origins date back to the early 1970’s, a time when the biological products industry was in its’ infancy.  It is with this experience that Monmouth BioProducts was formed to produce specialized bacteria, fungi and enzyme blends and offer the products to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly, “green” products.

We produce products for use in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, soil remediation, groundwater remediation, aqua culture, agriculture and composting as well as other more specialized applications. All our products have been proven in the marketplace to be safe, non-toxic and effective. Our mission is to continue pioneering the design and application of innovative, specialty microbes, enzymes and related technologies to safely reclaim contaminated land and water.

In biological wastewater treatment plants our specialized cultures work in conjunction with the existing bacteria to optimize treatment performance and reduce TOC, BOD, COD, TSS nitrogen and suflide related or offensive odors.

We also provide products that restore nitrification (aerobic ammonia removal), denitrification and products that eliminate remove fat, oil  and grease build-up.

Our staff of professionals have spent a significant portion of their careers working in the biotech industry. Although our firm was formed in 1998 we offer over 50 years of combined experience in selecting, growing and applying specialty bioaugmentation blends and related technologies.   Additionally, our practical knowledge includes soil and groundwater remediation and the operation and troubleshooting of biological wastewater treatment systems, both aerobic and anaerobic.